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I only have a week until I am home for the summer, which is some the best news I have heard in a while. I am especially looking forward to this summer. I have hardly seen my best friends this year and really I didn’t have much of a summer last year. The point is I am really excited for summer. I am even excited to get a job and make money (if you knew me well, your jaw would drop from me saying I am excited to work). I just can’t think of anything better than being surrounded by my friends and family, and new puppy to enjoy summer with. 


Middlesex VS. The God of Small Things

 I first want to point out that these books did have some similarities, the main one for me being neither were a joy to read. Both books were confusing to me however I did enjoy reading Middlesex more. In Middlesex, the switching of times confused me at times but was I was used to it, it became fine to read. In The God of Small Things I had to do a lot of rereading and was confused, I felt like there was too much going on and it was more of an abstract style of writing. One thing I liked about MIddlesex was that it followed Cal, and I understood Cal and had a feel for her. It was hard for me to get as good of an understanding with the characters in The God of Small Things. 

Journal Entry

I am writing this a little late as I got back into Oxford at noon today. I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at home and had a great weekend. Basically what I did this weekend was hang out with my new puppy.  I am a huge dog person (this is my second post about dogs) and so basically I was in heaven. I got to thinking and not only do I think the relationship between humans and dogs is special, but I think we as humans get way more out of dogs then they do from us. I was having a rough week after deciding  I am going to leave Miami, and after ten minutes with a puppy its like nothing could bother me and I was happy as can be. I didn’t really have a vision for the post (it may be obvious) but I really just want to express the joy that dogs have brought into my life.

My reading techniques

I have had to utilize reading techniques for this book that I do not usually have to use. Really, the only technique I have used is to re-read, and to be aware that I need to re-read. I try to be active and instead of having to re-read pages at a time, I want to stay on top of the text and only have to re-read paragraphs. Also what has helped is my gaining knowledge of the characters and not constantly having to think of the characters or to look them up.


For the reflection I think there are a number of important things to look at, first would be your motivation for your memes and why you decided to do them on a particular subject. Really with the reflection I always thought it was most important to look back and decide why you did the project the way you did, then question if it was successful? and if not, what would you do to change it, which is pretty standard. Because this meme project is a little different I think it would be good to look at how your interaction with the internet was, and if you enjoyed memes in general.

In class 4/4

I was kind of hoping the book would get more interesting for me and I would get really in to the book, but that just hasn’t happened…. yet, I am staying optimistic. I will also put blame on myself for not loving the book, I find myself reading, and a page and a half later I ask myself “what the heck did I just read” but as I have done a better job of re-reading I’ve found it to be more understandable.

Journal Post

My family is getting a new puppy this upcoming week, so naturally I can think of no other topic to post about. I am allergic to dogs that shed so when we were looking to get our first dog, we decided on a Standard Poodle, and as a young boy, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. And now I can’t think of a better breed, and plan on getting my own when I am older. My first dog’s name was Koby, and my friends would all tease me because me and Koby didn’t have a typical human and dog relationship. I admit it, he was more like my best friend. I always really liked him but it wasn’t until my two older brothers left for college that Koby and I became best friends. I was lonely and I think he was too, and it didn’t hurt that Koby thought we was a human anyway, only sitting on couches and chairs, and rotated with whose bed he slept on. And so after school, I was greeted everyday by his smiling face and wagging tail and it was the best greeting I could’ve asked for. Both my parents work so Koby and I had lots of time to spend together, mostly lounging and watching TV. One of my favorite things about Koby is that he was convinced that he was a lap dog, even though he weighed about 65 lbs., he was very comfortable with sitting on my lap or laying all over me. Basically I miss the heck out of my friend, and I am ecstatic about the new puppy, but the more I think about it, I think I am excited because I feel that this new puppy is bringing a piece of Koby back.